Monday, October 11, 2010

One day,you will knock my heart again

I swear
I love you more and more
as my love grows, yours sinks to the floor
and I can't help but try to catch your eye
You're always leaving me behind,
Does he love you?
Does he love you?
Does he love you,more than I am

Well I'll wait until I catch my breath a little
and then I'll try and speak to you, my sweet
Oh, I can't help but wonder what you have been thinking
I see your wheels turning
It's hard just to let go, harder to say so
My baby,
Don't you know I know you, girl
You are to leave
So don't worry about me
Slowly, my eyes will run dry
Happiness fades when I can't see your pretty face
and tired eyes will find no sleep
the thought of you will dissipate
and as years pass by far and wide
I'll search for one pair of eyes that will remind me of all we had
i guess my point is ill be fine
so close your eyes
I see it in your eyes
counting petals on the flowers by the riverside
but does he love you?

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